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Style Edit – Slate Serving Platters

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Slate has become a popular new surface for serving food. It is easy to see why when you look at the beautiful styling that can be achieved and how amazing the finished product looks with the dark grey, contrasting background. Are you looking to create a stunning Instagram-worthy platter when next entertaining at home? Let these enticing examples inspire you and show the many different ways you can style a slate serving board.

A social gathering without a glass of wine and a cheese board is like Christmas lunch without plum pudding. There’s something for everyone with delicious flavours, textures and shapes. It is also easy to throw together because you actually don’t have to cook anything!  That makes it a winner for most of us with busy lifestyles. A great tip is to leave your cheese out at room temperature for about 30 minutes to an hour before serving as it makes the cheese much softer and more flavoursome. Slate is also easy to maintain by simply wiping clean with a damp cloth and a bit of soapy water.

At your next party, why not serve canapes like sushi on a slate board too? They will simply pop and virtually jump off the platter as you can see in the example below. The added bonus of serving it this way is that the slate keeps the sushi cold on the plate.

You can make your next batch of soup look like it has come straight from your local café, by serving it on a slate board with toasted, crusty bread…enticing and delicious.

It’s also easy to impress your guests for afternoon tea by presenting scrumptious cakes on a slate platter. Just sprinkle with some icing sugar for a finishing touch.

It is possible to have text and images engraved on to slate itself (front or back surfaces), for a chic new look and perfect for a personalised gift. Look at how stunning this Brisbane city skyline platter is!

For the ultimate keepsake, why not engrave a treasured family recipe in Grandma’s own handwriting!? What a truly memorable gift that will be treasured forever. There will be no excuse at the next family function to not to make a fresh batch to be served beside the recipe!

So…time to get busy and style a slate platter, open a bottle of wine and invite your friends around. They will be glad you did, super impressed and great memories will be made...

About Us

Soda Grey is a boutique corporate gift business based in Melbourne, catering for all gifting needs from stunning settlement boxes for estate agents to premium corporate products. One of our specialties is custom slate boards presented in a gift box or sold separately.


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