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Maximising Brand Exposure When Choosing Settlement Gifts

Whether you are buying gifts for your vendor or the successful purchaser, choosing the right settlement gift to maximise your brand exposure can be a challenge for many real estate agents. Naturally the receiver would prefer something practical to complement their home décor that can be used over again. As a marketing strategy, you rely on your brand to cement relationships and ensure return business and word of mouth referrals. How do you strike a balance? Read on and we will reveal how to show your clients genuine appreciation for their business and give them something to remember you by for years to come. 

Quality Product 

Everyone loves to receive a gift, especially one that oozes sophistication and quality. By giving something that is current and on trend, you will instantly impress. If it is high quality it will more likely be used and come out for display. Don't be afraid to spend and spoil your client a little, research has shown people are more likely to refer business or be a return customer if they feel valued. Quality products will last and provide continual reminders of your business. It is also important to consider that food and wine gifts will get consumed and often your brand then is discarded with the wrapping.

Stylish Contents 

A new trend is always popular and while we don't usually go out and buy such items for ourselves, it is always a pleasure to receive the latest fashionable accessory. As far as suitable settlement gifts go, think of items such as a nice cheese board that can be enjoyed with friends over a glass of wine. Slate platters have become a very popular way to present food and you can see why when products such as cheese and grapes are showcased so beautifully on the dark background. You can upscale further by adding in items like a cheese knife or tapas bowl to complement the gift. Whichever product you choose, aim for something endearing, personal and classic. 

Leaving your Mark 

To maximise exposure of your brand, it is essential to include your logo, website address or other details of your business on the gift itself. New home owners do not necessarily want your logo displayed front and centre, but perhaps on the back of a chopping board, or a small engraving on the front. There are many ways to promote your business without imposing your logo at every turn and subtly is key.

Brand your Packaging 

This is one area where it doesn't matter how much you push your brand. Look for opportunities for branding the packaging, starting with the gift box itself. There are many options to have a logo embossed on the outside of a box. Think stylish colours like rose gold or silver etching for timeless appeal. Printed ribbon or tissue paper are simple yet cost effective ways to showcase your business and complete the overall package. 

Make it Personal 

A personalised message is critical to make the receiver feel like they are a valued client and will continue to be over the years to come. A handwritten note is so much more meaningful and well received. Real estate relationships should be looked upon as being lifelong, and this takes some nurturing so that you will be relied upon for their next purchase or referred on to friends and family. 

About Us

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